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Mercer Institute Laboratory Scene

Dr. Morgan explains to chief scientist that there hasn't been much progress at finding a cure. After Dr. Mercer leaves, Dr. Cortland expresses doubts to Dr. Morgan about the approach

Genre: SciFi
3 days ago

A film by Image Ten, Laurel Group, Market Square Productions

Opening Cemetery Scene

Adult siblings, brother and sister, arrive at dusk after a long drive to visit their father's grave at a cemetery in the country.

Genre: Horror
2 months ago

A film by Selznick International Pictures

Oliver Tells Norman He's Already Faded

Producer Oliver visits Norman at his estate. They sit in poolside patio chairs and discuss how Norman's popularity has faded.

Genre: Drama
10 days ago

A film by Selznick International Pictures

Norman Shows Vicki the Estate Pool
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After Norman shows Vicki the pool, they get romantic. Publicity guy and photographer arrive to take Vicki's picture.

Genre: Drama
2 days ago

A film by Selznick International Pictures

Vicki Arrives In Hollywood - Maybe She's That One

A sequence of three scenes, one showing Vicki at Grauman's Chinese Theater after she just arrived in Hollywood, followed by a scene with her getting a hotel, and then one of her applying for extra jobs.

Genre: Drama
4 days ago