How To Use Scripts
For Your Own Video Skits

When script writers publish their scripts to Movie Skits, they're making them available to the Movie Skits community to use it to produce a video skit, as long as creators publish an embedded video back to Movie Skits and give the author credit in the video and where they upload to youtube.

Right now you can use the scripts and make video skits using your own mobile movie making equipment such as smart phones, tablets, and DSLRs. Later you can make video skits with the help of our upcoming apps.

When you find a script you would like to use as the basis of your video skit, find the script's page on the site and save it to your favorites so you can easily find it in your "My Studio" section of the site when you return to upload and embed the video. You can also download the script to have as a handy reference during your production.

After video skit production is complete and includes a scriptwriter author credit:

  • Publish it to Youtube.
  • Return to your Studio on Movie Skits, find the script link in you favorites and go to its page on the site to click the Add Remake button at the bottom. Complete the form to embed the youtube link and add details about your production. You'll see it displayed below the script and in the Watch Skits section of the site.