About Movie Skits

Movie Skits is Crowdsourced Skit and Sketch Entertainment. Here's How It Works . . .

Aspiring screenwriters write scripts for skits using our script editor software in the Write Scripts section of our web site, or using our soon to be released Write section of our Movie Skits Script Studio mobile IOS app. Think of our Script Studio like the script department in a Hollywood studio, where they read through scripts to pick the right one for their next production. Use it to find scripts for your next video skit production. And soon we'll add the ability to write and upload scripts within the Script Studio app.

In the Write section of our site, after you signup and login, easily type in plain text using the Fountain markup language. Use our handy fountain syntax guide if you forget something. The script automatically gets formatted into a Hollywood screenplay format.

Scripts can be saved and exported to fountain format for personal use.

Or they can be published to Movie Skits, permitting the Movie Skits community to use it as the script for a video skit they create. You keep the copyright to your script for a skit, but grant a license to Movie Skits video skit producers. In return for using your script, Movie Skits video directors commit to give you script author credit and to publish their video back to Movie Skits associated with your script.

When You Publish Your Script You Get These Benefits

  • Get Feedback - Users can rate and leave comments
  • Build Notoriety - As more and more users give positive ratings and reviews you can build upon your reputation as a good storyteller.
  • See What People Create - As more and more users give positive ratings and reviews you can build upon your reputation as a good storyteller.
  • Win Prizes or Earn Money - We’ll soon be sponsoring script writing contests on our site. And while right now writers can only offer their scripts on Movie Skits for free, later we hope to allow highly rated writers to offer them for sale.

Publish With Or Without Shot Lists For Use With Our Upcoming App

Scriptwriters will soon also be able to add a shot list to their script when they publish, using our website Set Shot List forms. And Movie Skits will be making scripts available with shot lists already planned out.

Just like a real Hollywood production, our Shot List feature breaks a script down into more manageable individual shots with shot types (long shot, medium shot, close up, etc.), angles, camera movements, and shot notes for your production.

The shot list will then be available in our Movie Skits Director app to guide directors through their production.

Or for directors who like to plan out their own shots just like in Hollywood, our upcoming Movie Skits Director app will allow skit directors to edit existing shot lists or setup a custom shots according to their own artistic vision.

Our Movie Skits Director App Coming Soon

Once your script is published to Movie Skits, aspiring directors can use the scripts for their own video skit productions, as long as they give you script author credit and publish an embedded version back to Movie Skits under the script.

For now they can use their own mobile filmmaking equipment. But coming soon they’ll get help through the Movie Skits Director app.

The shot list will then be available in our Movie Skits Director app to guide directors through their production.

The Scripts for Skits that are published to our site, along with their shot lists, will work hand in hand with our upcoming Movie Skits Director app. The app will make it SIMPLE and FUN to create and share video skits.We’ll bring all the pieces together and cut scripts into separate shots, or allow users to set up their own shots. Then directors simply have to focus on one shot at a time. Each take goes to the timeline so there’s no complicated editing, as all the shots get stitched together into one complete video at the end.

Why the name "Movie Skits"

From the time of Movie Skits inception in 2012, it has been our hope to offer scripts for scenes from Hollywood movies so that movie fans can recreate their favorite movie clips using their smart phones or tablets. In fact, our first tagline was, "Recreate Hollywood movie scenes and UGC content with smart phones or tablets". So right now we're working on the crowdsourced user generated part, but it remains our hope to license scripts from Hollywood studios to make them available so our users can easily recreate them with our apps.

While they’re waiting for the app, people are already sharing their favorite Hollywood movie scene remakes that they posted or found on Youtube. See the "Hollywood Remakes" section of our site.