How to Use the Movie Skits Director app

Right now you can use the Director app to recreate Hollywood movie scenes from some public domain classics that you will find in the 'Find > Hollywood Oldies' section of the app. Or you can also make your own saved scripts.

To make your own scripts, once you have written a script in the Script Editor on the website, set up characters and a shot list, and saved your script, you will find it in 'My Scripts' in the 'Find' section of the Director App.

To choose a script in the Find section, either for a Hollywood script or one of your own, click down to the script and choose the Make button.

Example make button

After you Find a script to make, click its 'Make' button to start a production.

You’ll immediately be moved to the Make section where you’ll see your script listed. Select it to review the script. Then Assign roles among your friends.

Assign Roles

Select a Role in the list, type the name of your friend who will play the part, and choose to 'Take Photo', choose one from your Camera Roll by selecting 'Choose from Library'. Then 'Save Role'. You'll see the Actor's avatar and name in the Shot List index and in each shot in which the Actor has a speaking role.

Shot List (See Video Demo Below)

  • Takes

    Choose a shot in the Shot List. You can tape them in any order. Select Record. Review the recording and then Retake or Use Video

    If you choose to Use Video, you’ll see it under the Takes section button. You can Record multiple Takes and you will see them all under Takes where you can select to Trim, Delete, or Make Default Shot. The one Take that you choose to Make Default Shot will now be in the Timeline and will be the one that is used in the final video.

  • Trim

    At present there are a couple limitations to the Trim feature. First, you cannot Untrim. If you move the trim handle and trim too much, once you Save the trim, you can’t add more back later, you can only trim again to cutaway more.

    And second, you can’t trim clips to a length of less than about 3 seconds. If you do, you'll get an alert that it's too short to save. We’re looking into on some workarounds to this limitation.

  • Timeline

    From the Takes Section click the Back button, and then select Timeline to see all the completed shots and their Default Shots. At the top of the Timeline you can click 'Preview All' to play sequentially all the shots that are completed so far.

  • Publish

    When all shots are complete and you’re ready to publish, click the 'Publish' button where you can 'Save to Camera Roll'. Your shots will be assembled into a single finished video in your Cameral Roll.

  • Using Shot List and Timeline In Movie Skits Director App