Winners of the
Movie Skits "Scripts For Comedy Skits" Writing Contest

  First Place

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By Scott N.

The Adventures of Blake and Bubba

The misadventures and hijinks of a couple "Good Ole Boys".

Dinner and movie
Scott N. Won a Prize of Dinner and Movies (Or $100 cash)

A $50 Fandango Dinner and a Movie card (good for $25 at Olive Garden plus $25 movie tickets) plus an extra $50 Fandango Gift Card. For a total value of $100.

Judging Comments: Well written dialog that enhances character development and setting, with a lot of local flavor, making you feel like you’re there. As a result could be a fun challenge for video skit makers to use for their script. Its Video Skit ‘Makeability’ is enhanced by only needing three characters. The script is on the longer side for a skit and borders on being two in one skits, but in the end they tie together nicely. Some of the settings could require creative shooting and editing by makers, but very doable. Scott chose to have the value of his prize donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation.

  Second Place

By Terence G.

Black Friday

A Black Friday experience gone wrong.

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Terence G. Won a Prize of Fandango Dinner and A Movie Gift Card (Or $50 Cash)

One $25 Fandango gift card and one $25 Olive Garden® gift card

Judging Comments: A nice exaggerated take on the free-for-all insanity that can take place on the annual Black Friday shopping day. Nice job on the descriptive Actions and the 'back and forth banter' Dialogue. Closer to a short film in length, so longer and higher scene complexity than ideal for a skit could mean lower “skit makeabilty”. With the right comedic talent and shot planning, parts could be very funny, but the Slave and kidnapping part could be more dark than comedic if not done carefully.